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Mitchell Healthcare
Posimed Heel Rail

For positioning the heel.
size: 39/21/8

Positioning aids in various forms and sizes for optimum positioning as a means of decubitus prophylaxis and treatment support.

With the various positioning aids the patient is moved and the pressure distribution of the main support points enables the patient to lie in a relaxed and pressure-relieving manner.
The aim is to keep the duration and intensity of the effect of pressure as small as possible.
Our positioning system is based on a pressure-relieving and positionable filling of small spheres.


- waterproof, but breathable
- virus and bacteria-proof
- disinfect by wiping
- autoclavable
- food-safe
- very low own weight
- rapid optimal adaption to the contour of the body
- optimal microclimate
- optimal pressure relief - suitable for decubitus therapy
- 5-year guarantee on functional properties

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