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Mitchell Healthcare
ROHO Dry Flotation Mattress Section

The most effective support surface for assisting in the healing and prevention of skin breakdown.
Designed using ROHO’s proven Dry Flotation technology, the ROHO Mattress is effective in distributing interface pressures away from peak areas.
By reducing the pressure in these at-risk areas, the ROHO Mattress enables blood flow to be maintained, promoting healing and protection. Requires no external power source.
Therapeutic in design and function .
Lightweight (3.6kg per section)
Compatible with standard hospital furniture
Modular, customised to all patient size and weight
Reduces muscle fatigue and adjusts for low back pain
Adaptable from hospital to home
9cm high air cells provide maximum tissue protection and ease of use
Zoned four sections 20” x 34” (51cm x 86cm)
Can be separated for localised use

Code: SDRohomatt

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