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Mitchell Healthcare
EVAQ Pro 2 Mattress

All Mattresses in this range are equipped with an evacuation function. This means that you can evacuate a patient quickly and easily without having to reposition them on rescue sheets or carry them on stretchers. The EVAQ system enables you to carry out evacuation gently using only one person, even via stairs.

Safety belts with quick release buckle.
Special sliding material on bottom.
Stairway evacuation possible
Stabilised thanks to peripheral reinforcement.
Rescue handles on the cover.
Hyper elastic foam core with diagonal and longitudinal intersections.
Three layers.
HR Foam Top plate.
Ventilation ducts for optimal microclimate.
Optimum pressure relief and minimum shear force (less than 18mm / Hg bearing pressure.
PU Tex cover removable and washable up to 95 degrees celsius + wipe disinfection.
Mattress Autoclavable.
Permeable to water vapour.
Flame retardant in accordance with DIN EN 597 (part 1 + 2)
Suitable for patients weighing between 20 and 120 kg.
Suitable for pain therapy.

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