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Naturelle Latex Mattress Topper

Naturelle Natural Latex Mattress Topper / Overlay. 5cm thick Latex Mattress Topper overlay provides pure comfort & support.

With just the right balance between softness and support, and the right amount of loft for proper spine alignment, our Pure Latex naturally conforms to the curvature of your body, easing pressure points and can dramatically reduce tossing and turning.

Natural latex continually adjusts and moulds to the shape of your body. It provides unsurpassed pressure relief to help eliminate pain and improve circulation. Designed to go on top of your current mattress.

The Natural Choice for healthy sleeping
The impressive comfort and resilience of natural latex in the convenient and affordable form of a topper. Our Naturelle Natural Latex Mattress toppers are a safe healthy alternative to synthetic memory foam products. Latex toppers provide extra cushioning, luxurious comfort, and additional pressure-point relief to hips and shoulders for the ultimate in rest and relaxation.
Naturelle latex topper overlay comes in 4 sizes. King, Queen, Double, King Single, Single.

  Anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant to alleviate allergies.
  Hypoallergenic, hygienic, and antibacterial.
  Optimal orthopaedic support (naturally conforming to body contours).
  Luxurious resilience and feel.
  Resistance to moisture and heat.
  Superior pressure relief that helps bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles.
  Provides anatomically correct support for your back.
  Features self-ventilating, pin-core design for dissipation of body heat.
  Non-temperature sensitive. Therefore, softness not affected by room temperature.
  Conforms to health conscious and environmental European standards.

Sleep cool, Hundreds of holes and a cell structure with millions of interconnecting cells create a natural ventilation system, allowing body heat and moisture to quickly dissipate, ensuring an incredibly comfortable and sound night’s sleep!
The flexibility of Natural Latex means it instantaneously conforms to every curve and contour of your body

To encourage the natural alignment of your spine throughout the night. This unique, naturally derived material dynamically responds to your every curve and contour to provide outstanding comfort and orthopaedic support. Natural latex retains its shape and incurs minimal sag over time. Turn the topper over and rotate to ensure any sag under pressure zones is spread.
Latex Provides Pressure Relief. Natural latex continually adjusts and moulds to the shape of your body and encourages even support for your spine.

Naturelle Latex Mattress Topper provides an ideal sleeping surface that softens pressure points providing pressure relief so you can sleep deeper and wake refreshed and ready for a new day.

Helps reduce tossing and turning.
Helps reduce sleep disturbance.
Helps reduce and eliminate pressure for pain minimisation.
Helps improve circulation.

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