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Mitchell Healthcare
Hot Cold Pack - Small

• Convenient source of heating/cooling for sore or painful muscles
• Re-usable
• Ideally can be heated in a microwave or boiled
• For cooling can chilled in the freezer or kept in the fridge
• Designed to remain soft and pliable when hot/cold to provide a deeper more effective compression and pain relief
• Ideal for pain relief for soft tissue injuries such as sprains, bruising, minor cuts, abrasions and bleeding
• Place directly in microwave for a maximum of one minute, to add heat, reheat for 15 second increments and test temperature
• Store in freezer for a minimum of one hour for cold use

Important Note:
Never apply directly to skin, cover with cloth prior to application.

Product Specifications:
Colour - Blue
Active Ingredient - Soft Gel
Size - 150 x 255mm (6.0 x 10.0in)

Warranty - 12 months

Code: 234206

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