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Mitchell Healthcare
Eureka Stocking Applicator

A compression stocking applicator for the leg or arm. It consists of
a triangular shaped durable paper like slippery material with a central
extended pull tab and eyelet holes on the sides for threading a thin tubular plastic lacing pin.

To Use:
* Fold the Eureka double so the holes on both sides match.
* Connect both sides by threading the lacing pin through the holes then insert the tip of the pin into the small pocket at the end.
* Place the Eureka over the foot with the pin side under the sole. The tab
should be over the upper foot surface.
* Pull the stocking on over the Eureka.
* Remove the lacing pin from the Eureka when the heel of the stocking is in the correct position and the remaining part of the stocking is at ankle
* Pull the light blue tab to remove the Eureka from the stocking. Pull
stocking up into position.
* For pantihose - repeat instructions for the second leg.


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