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Venosan 8000 Ulcerfit

Ulcer Stockings
The treatment system consists of two specially knitted stockings, they complement each other in their medical effect and generate a special pressure configuration.

  The liner is normally worn day and night, this stops wound dressings from slipping
  The overstocking supports your treatment during the day by guaranteeing the defined pressure

When treating a leg ulcer (wound) your doctor integrates the stocking system into the correct phase of wound management, which always includes a suitable dressing.

Venosan 8000 Ulcerfit

Liner   Smooth material allows easy application of overstocking

  2 stocking liners included in system
  Pressure approx. 10 mmHg
  Ideal for wearing during the night
  Helps to keep the wound dressing in place
  High wearer comfort due to low pressure
  Washable up to 60°C
  Can be ordered separately
  Available in 4 sizes closed toe

Overstocking   (refer to VENOSAN®7000 for material properties)

  1 Single overstocking VENOSAN® 7000 with SeaCell®active
  Robust high quality overstocking (latex free!)
  Durable and high stiffness (= short stretch)
  Available in 4 sizes open toe only
  Regular and short length

Stockings System

  Optimal therapy thanks to the ideal combination of liner and overstocking
  Compression class II (23-32 mmHg)
  Compression class III (34-46 mmHg)
  Simple application
  Economical for the patient


  62% TACTEL® Polyamide
  26% LYCRA® Elastane
  8% Cotton
  4% SeaCell® active


    90% Polyamide

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