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VENOSAN 5000 Range

The combination of the thermal properties of X-static®, cotton and TACTEL® provide in VENOSAN® 5000 optimal wearing comfort.
Thanks to their robust construction and soft grip, these compression stockings are equally suitable for active men and women.

SUITABLE FOR: Patients with dry and flaky skin, ulcerations, ulcer eczema, deep vein thrombosis (DVT),  lymphoedema swelling

  Optimum comfort and fit
  Available in compression class I (18-21 mmHg) &  II (23-32 mmHg)
  Compression class III (34 - 46 mmHg) below knee only open/closed toe
  Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large & X-large
  Below knee open & closed toe with a wide top band for comfort
  Thigh length: wide, comfortable band that stays in place
  Single leg: to waist with belt, open toe only (Cc II only)
  Pantyhose: closed toe has generous toe stretch for comfort
  Available custom made

Colours:  Mexico   Marokko Black


  40% TACTEL® Polyamide
  30% LYCRA® Elastane
  20% Cotton
  10% X-Static® – The Silver Fiber TM                                                                


  Antibacterial and Bioactive = Healthy  
    X-Static®  silver fibre removes bacteria, thus preventing unpleasant odours and inhibits bacterial infections. 
  Antistatic = Well-being
    Because of the high conductivity of silver, X-Static®  keeps you static-free.
  X-Static® Silver tread properties are known to also stimulate microcirculation.

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